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Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Snapshot of me: The Wisdom of Hatha Yoga

A Snapshot of me: The Wisdom of Hatha Yoga


Radha said...

I think the logic behind the meditation making funny faces and hatha yoga are different. Man\woman has a greater identification with his\her face than any other part of his body. By making funny faces, we willingly deteriorate our faces which eventually loosens the grip we have for our face. This method approaches the human mind more psychologically. But hatha yoga, to my knowledge, has a very deep science behind it. There is complete understanding of the body in its entirety, to the extent that modern science has even gone nearer to it. Every posture attempts to open the nadis involved and thereby increase the flow of energy(prana) through the nadis. This is just one aspect of hatha yoga, there are sevaral other aspects ranging from impacting the physical well being to helping to experience the deepest dimension of existence. Thus, I see a differnce in approach behind the meditation of making funny faces and the science of hatha yoga.
(P.S: Whatever I have written about hatha yoga is based on the limited knowledge about it. Seeking excuses for any mistakes \ limitations)

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